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2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box - Pack Break

2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box - Pack Break

You are purchasing one pack from a brand new, factory sealed, 2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box. The picture you see is the actual box that we will open during our live stream.

  • Item Description: 2020 Panini Prizm Basketball Hobby Box - Pack Break
  • Number of Packs per Box: 12
  • Number of Cards per Pack: 12
  • Autographs Possible: Yes
  • Prizms Possible: Yes
  • Price per Pack: $150.00
  • Live Stream Date / Time: On or Before June 7th 2024 (see details below)

Live Streak Break Rules and Procedures:

  • The shrink wrap will remain on the box and will be removed only when our live stream has started on our YouTube Channel.
  • Once the box is opened, all the packs will be removed and mixed carefully for a period of thirty seconds. This will be done while all the packs remain in clear view of our streaming cameras.
  • After the packs are mixed, each pack will be randomly assigned a number starting with 1 and ending with the number coinciding with the last pack in the box.
  • The customer who purchased the first pack will be given the first chance to spin the wheel that contains each of the numbers that is assigned to the packs. When the wheel stops, the number selected on the wheel will represent the pack that is chosen for that customer.
  • Once the pack has been chosen, we will open the pack live and then package the cards in Card Saver II's or Top Loaders (customer choice) and the pack and ship the cards upon completion of the break. We will not keep any cards or throw any cards away(base cards etc). All cards will be shipped to the customer.

Common Questions:

  • When will the live stream take place?
    • We will set the live stream schedule once every pack in the box has sold out or no later than two weeks after the break has been posted for sale on our website. Whichever comes first. The date and time will be posted on the item sale page (this page)
  • Do I have to be present (watching)to win?
    • No. We understand that things come up. All live streams are saved on our YouTube Channel and will remain up indefinitely. If you are unable to watch the stream, we will activate the spin for you, open the pack that matches the number on the wheel, and display your cards onscreen. We will then pack and ship the cards as usual.
  • What happens if we do not sell all the packs within the two weeks?
    • Whatever packs are not sold in the two weeks will then be available for purchase during the live stream. Any packs that remain after the purchase will be sold individually at a later date or opened by MaxWaxPax for our own fun.
  • Can I purchase more than one pack?
    • Yes. You can purchase as many as we have available for sale. Customers who purchase more than one pack will be able to open all of their packs when is there turn.
  • How do we determine how much to sell the packs for?
    • This is simple. We calculate the market rate or our cost, whichever is greater, and divide this by the number of packs. We then calculate the shipping and insurance costs and use all of these numbers to determine a final pack price.