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Welcome to the official page.

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Welcome to my page, As you can see, I am the owner of, a high-end sports card and memorabilia collection company. Rather than have multiple websites for all my different ventures, I have opted to combine then into one location via my domain name. 

Beginning January 2024, you may register your name and number to receive text messages about future PokerOtis games by clicking here

01/10/24 - 5/5 NLH Game 5:00PM January 12 @ TCH Spring

  • TCH Spring will be hosting another PokerOtis 5/5 No Limit Hold'em game starting at 5PM CST. You can find the link on the Poker Atlas app or website. Please see some additional information below:
    • Min buy-in $1K
    • Max buy-in $3K / Match Stack
    • Straddle on UTG max $25.00
    • Re-straddle on UTG+1 max $50.00 (capped - no additional straddles)
    • No button straddle
    • No bomb pot
    • Game begins when we have 4 players seated at the table
    • All TCH Spring house rules apply unconditionally 

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