Fujitsu fi-8170 Help and Links from MaxWaxPax

Fujitsu fi-8170 Help and Links from MaxWaxPax

I will be posting links here to various downloads, updates, and programs that I discuss in my videos. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Fujitsu fi-8170 Downloads: (Updated May 27th 2024)

  • Link to main Fujitsu downloads page - click here
  • Link to 8170 downloads for Windows 10 - click here
  • Link to 8170 downloads for Windows 11 - click here (please note that all the links below are for Windows 11. If you are not using windows 11, then please locate the correct links by selecting your operating system from the main menu)
    • 8170 Twain USB driver - click here
      • Use this download if you are going to use a third part import program like Card Dealer Pro or KronoCard. There is a second driver (ISIS) which is faster but is not the correct protocol when using third party programs so don't use it if you are going to integrate third party software. 
    • PaperStream Capture 4.0.0 - click here
      • The link may not work since you are required to place your serial number in the field to activate the page. If this does not work for you, simply go to the main page ( click here) and scroll down until you find the PaperStream Capture 4.0 (or whatever version may be out at the time) and click the link. Enter your serial number and you are good to go.
    • fi Series Online Update - click here
      • If you are not able to click the link above, please go to the main downloads page  ( click here) and scroll until you find this link located under the Applications / Software location (close to the bottom)
    • fi-8000 Series Firmware 0P00 Update - click here
      • I am not sure if this update name will change over time as new updates are released or if this is the permanent name for the file and link. You can find this also on the main downloads page  ( click here) to verify. 

Download and install the files in this order. The firmware updates etc. can be run later but make sure to download them and execute them once you have completed the driver and PaperStream installs.

The only other download you may want is the Network Setup Tool if you intend to scan over your network rather than using USB. I tested this feature and it worked well but I did not like it when compared to USB with regard to speed etc. 

Also, there are a large number of additional downloads that you can select from. None are needed and I would advise that you do not download them unless you are sure that they are necessary and you understand what they are for. 

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