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BreakStand 3mm Acrylic Sports Card Stand with Custom Logo


BreakStand 3mm Acrylic Sports Card Stand with Custom Logo

Designed to be ultra-portable and easy to assemble, the BreakStand by is a perfect for all sports card display shows and live breaks. Weighing it at just under 21g, the BreakStand can hold your best raw and graded cards as well as your phone, tablet, and even a MacBook Pro. With pricing as low as $10.00 per stand, the BreakStand best choice for your next card show display, in-home presentation, or live break show! Send us your logo and we will do the rest!

Item Details:

  • Material - 3MM Clear Acrylic
  • Custom Logo - Top and Bottom Name Plates with Same Logo Engraved
  • Weight - Less than 21g
  • Package Contents - One (1) complete BreakStand including a top name plate, bottom name plate, left and right legs, and one BreakStand cleaning stick. (cards and other items featured in our images and videos are not included)


  • $15.00ea. for orders of 1 - 4 pieces
  • $12.50ea. for orders of 5 - 9 pieces
  • $10.00ea. for orders of 10 or more
  • Free art setup charge required for high-resolution logos


  • Breakstand acrylic stands are designed to withstand heavy weight when assembled. It is important to note that while 3mm acrylic has proven to be durable, pieces can break when dropped on hard surfaces or when unnecessary force is placed on the pieces during assembly and disassembly. Should you happen to break a part of your Breakstand, we will replace the part for you on your next order. Since we cannot guarantee a perfect match, we will provide you with one complete replacement stand per order when you place your next order, at no additional charge. 

Other Information:

  • In order to receive pricing discount, the logo must remain the same and cannot change. A change in the logo will be considered a second order. For example, if you order 10 stands and your logo for all 10 stands is the same, the discount pricing of $10.00 per BreakStand will apply. However, if you order 10 stands and you request two different logos (5 and 5), then the discount pricing for 5 stands will be applied. 
  • BrakeStand acrylic stands are 3mm thick but due to variations in acrylic manufacturing, thickness can vary by as much as 30%. We work hard to ensure that our acrylic is high-end, great-quality, and most of all, consistent in thickness and design.

Future Designs:

  • Breakstands will be available in colored acrylic designs in the coming weeks. We are working to secure quality sheets from U.S.A. warehouses in order to support American owned businesses. 
  • Breakstands will soon be providing direct to material printed stands with fill color imagines. We are currently securing the necessary machinery to accomplish this new design and will be introducing the new stands in the coming weeks. 
  • MaxWaxPax is also converting current logos and other custom designs you may have into CNC/Laser cut and engraved merchandise. All items are designed, cut, and finished in house. American Made is our goal from start to finish and we are proud to support the Sports Memorabilia Industry with our products.