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SlabLenders - Short Term Loans for Long-Term Sports Fans

For enthusiasts within the collecting community, there often arises a moment where additional funds are required to manage expenses such as bills, special occasions, or unforeseen circumstances. Yet, parting with cherished collectibles, such as your prized slabs, shouldn't be the solution. That's where SlabLenders steps in, ensuring you never have to sell your slabs to meet short-term financial needs.

We provide short-term loans spanning 30, 60, or 90 days, utilizing your graded slabs as collateral. Here's how it works:

**Simple Process**
Working closely with, we offer secure slab vaulting and market analysis, enabling us to furnish quick, ready-to-go loans. Once your slabs are vaulted, funds are swiftly disbursed, allowing you to address immediate financial requirements without parting with your valued collectibles.

**Loan Amounts**
For new clients, we offer a low-risk, low-interest short-term loan, providing up to 10% of the current market value of your slabs. For instance, if you need $500.00, vault slabs worth $5,000.00, and receive immediate funds. As you establish a positive payment history, loan percentages against market value can increase, with some clients eligible for loans up to 50%.

**Prompt Disbursement**
Upon vaulting your slabs, funds are transferred on the same day. First-time customers can opt for expedited processing with next-day or two-day air delivery to the vaulting facility. Plus, once your cards are vaulted, you can borrow against them again without delay.

**Transparent Fees**
Clients incur a 1% vault fee upon withdrawing slabs, along with shipping and insurance costs to and from the facility. Interest rates vary based on the loan duration, set at 5% for 30 days.

**Market Value Assessment**
Using's pricing platform and real-time sales data, we accurately assess your slab's market value. Values are reassessed every thirty days to ensure fairness.

**Grace Period and Late Fees**
In the event of difficulty in repaying, a one-week grace period is granted, with an additional 5% late payment fee. Defaulting on the loan results in forfeiture of slab ownership.

At SlabLenders, our aim is to empower collectors while safeguarding their prized possessions. Borrow responsibly and enjoy peace of mind knowing your slabs are secure.

    If you would like to apply for a short-term loan, please click here to fill out our online form and one of our representatives will contact you within two business hours.  

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