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CardWarz by
CardWarz is a competition where two or more entrants open their sealed pack, box, or case of matching memorabilia cards and, based on the rules posted below, compete in a "Winner Takes All" challenge.
How to win:
To win the CardWarz competition, a player must receive more points than his opponent(s) when the contest ends. Points are earned by using the following criteria:
  • 1pt - any rookie card
  • 2pt - any serial card
  • 3pt - any relic / material card
  • 4pt - any auto

If a player pulls a card that contains a rookie, they will receive one point. They will receive two additional points if that same card is a serial card (#/#). Next, the player will receive three points if the card contains a relic (jersey, floor tile, anything). And finally, if the card pulled also includes an autograph, the player will receive four points. The highest card any player can draw is a serial rookie with a relic and auto. This card would be worth ten points.

Players will each open one pack at a time and present their cards live and in view of the cameras at all times. Once a player is done, he will pass to the next player in line. If the contest is pack vs. pack, the player with the most points at the end of the pack will take possession of all the cards from all players. If the contest is box vs. box, the sealed boxes will be opened live, and all packs will be removed and placed in front of the cameras at all times. Each player will open one pack at a time and then pass their turn to the next player. This will continue until all packs are opened. The player with the most points at the end of the challenge will take possession of all the cards.

Important Info:

  • Players participating in this CardWarz understand and agree to reassign full ownership of the cards used in the CardWarz competition to the winner.
  • Players who participate in CardWarz understand that the value of the cards used in the competition has no value concerning the outcome of the winner and that the CardWarz points method is the only way to determine the outcome.
  • Players who participate in CardWarz agree that in the event of a tie score at the end of the final round, a random sealed wax pack will be pulled, and each player will receive an equal number of cards. The player with the highest number card will be declared the CardWarz competition winner.
  • Players who participate in CardWarz understand that they may request a recount of points at the end of the round should they choose to do so and that after a recount is completed, the recount score will be final.
  • Rookie Cards are those cards that contain an RC symbol or lettering on the card. While we acknowledge that various rookie cards exist without the RC printed, only those cards with the RC stamp will be counted during the competition. Any changes to this rule will be announced before the start of a CardWarz match.
  • Serial Cards are those cars that contain a limited and printed number on them from a specific series count. For example, a one of ninety-nine would appear as 1/99. A one-of-one would appear as 1/1. For our rules and points system, a serial card is any card that contains a #/# combination.
  • Relic Cards contain any gaming or sporting material the card manufacturer has added. A typical example of a relic card would be a jersey, a piece of a bat, football skin, a shoelace, a piece of flooring, etc. The item can be but does not have to be player-worn or game-used. No matter the relic count, only three points will be awarded per card.
  • Autograph Cards are any cards containing autographs by the player pictured on the card. For example, if there are two players and two autographs, only four points will be awarded for each autographed card.

MaxWaxPax will bag each card (penny sleeve) and then place each card in a top loader. Players will be responsible for all shipping and insurance fees associated with the shipment of their cards to their address. MaxWaxPax will not be responsible for any damage to any of the cards and will not be responsible for any lost shipments. Players are encouraged to purchase insurance to avoid any financial loss due to lost shipments.

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