MaxWaxRepax Policies and Procedures from

MaxWaxRepax Policies and Procedures from

(Updated December 20th 2022)

MaxWaxRepax (MWRP) are custom repacks created from my Personal Collection (PC). Each MWRP page will contain scans of each card that will be individually repacked for sale to our customers. If you have never purchased a MWRP, I encourage you to please read through this entire page and, if you happen to have additional questions, please post them in the fields below.

What you can expect:

  • Customers who purchase a MWRP can expect to receive one of the cards pictured under that specific MWRP set. 
  • Customers can purchase more than one MWRP. In fact, I will offer volume discount pricing from time to time.
  • Cards that are included in all MWRP sets are cards that have been personally opened by myself and my children. Most of the time these cards are opened during a live stream. When possible, live stream links will be provided in the description of the specific MWRP set.
  • Cards are treated with the utmost care during this entire process and I will do all I can to make sure that the cards are delivered to you in the same condition they were in while they were in my possession.
  • Customers are encouraged to look at all the scans of all the cards contained in each MWRP and mention any questions or concerns prior to purchasing a MWRP.

How this all works:

  • Customers can purchase up to the total number of available cards contained in any particular MWRP.
  • MWRPs will not be shipped out to any customer until we have completed our livestream opening.
  • There are absolutely no returns or refunds for any reason. Customers who attempt to dispute their purchase will be permanently banned from future business with MWP and I will fight your dispute with the full intention of winning.
  • Once all the MWRPs have been sold in the set, I will contact each customer via email and include the time and date that the livestream opening will take place.
  • Customers do not need to be present to win but we encourage all customers to be present when possible so that we can all enjoy the moment as a group.
  • Each MWRP sealed black mylar bag will be presented under our livestream for all of our viewers to see. The bags will then be numbered starting with one and ending with the final bag count. The numbers will be written in permanent marker on each bag so that all of our viewers can clearly read each one.
  • Using our paid account, I will upload the name of each person who purchased a MWRP in the set. Those names will then be placed online and, through the use of our paid account, the names will be randomly sorted into a new list. 
  • Using our paid account, I will also upload a number list starting with the number one and ending on the number that coincides with the total number of cards included in the MWRP set. For example, if there are 265 cards in the MWRP, then I will upload 1, 2, 3...265 and have these numbers placed into a random order as well.
  • I will then take our list of names in the new order and place them into an excel spreadsheet and then place our list of numbers directly adjacent to the names. Customers who purchase more than one MWRP will see their names listed multiple times to match the quantity of MWRPs purchased.
  • Once all the names and numbers are listed, I will go down the list of names and open each bag that corresponds to the number listed beside the each name. 
  • When the final MWRP has been opened live, I will end the feed and begin packing up the cards to ship to each customer.

Shipping and Insurance:

  • Even though the cards contained in the MWRP sets are not graded, I will be treating all cards as if they have a PSA 10 value. The purpose of doing this is to make sure that I provide each customer the chance to upgrade their shipping method and insurance if they wish. 
  • Customers who wish to upgrade their shipping and insurance for their MWRP should make sure to contact me within 48 hours of the livestream.

Card Values and Assumptions:

  • While there may be times that I compare a card in a MWRP set to one that is professionally graded, this is only for potential value purposes and should NEVER be used to assume that the cards contained in a MWRP set will receive a particular professional grade. While I will always do my best to treat every card in a MWRP collection as though it is a perfect 10, that is my personal method for handling each card and should NEVER be seen as an attempt to provide any opinion of the card value or potential grade. 
  • The scans that I provide are intended to allow each person the opportunity to zoom in and inspect each card contained in a MWRP set. If you are not satisfied with the scan, I recommend that you do not purchase any cards contained in that specific MWRP set. I will not rescan any cards unless an entire set, sheet, or potentially high-valued card has a flaw in the scan itself. 

Please note that these MaxWaxRepax Policies and Procedures will continue to be updated as needed so please make sure to check back to view any updates.

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